Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do not tread lightly.

Come stomping around,

you're no dancer.

And maybe the air you breath out is cancer.

Save your breath.

Don't cause another death.

Is that what you feed upon?

Dining on the misfortune of others?

I tried to give you the moon.
Roped and lassoed, with a bow on top.
Glittering and shiny.

You wanted the sun.

I grabbed its hot coals,
burning my hands,
melting my flesh.

Presented you with the sun,
you said it smelt like burnt flesh.

You wanted Jupiter.

I couldn't give you what you wanted.
You know this.
Cause your still crying for Jupiter.

I died.
a slow painful emotional wreck.
found phoenix tears on my cheeks.

and on the morning of my resurrection,
i found you on my doorstep.

weeping for the death of our friendship.

i thought you were true.

you were weeping for the loss of a possession.

all i was, was a toy.

just a toy belonging to a child.

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