Monday, February 15, 2010

open up to the saphire bullets

i closed my mind
i closed the world out.

i opened the door and found a flood with its words stout.

the constant tick and tock of clocks just beating at the heart of my disappearance.

i defected.

and found myself lost at the pier.

i rejected.

and bound myself accosted by the seer.


the river runs through it.

and now runs through me.

still flowing, it reaches you,
and kisses softly away the blue

i walked upon the footsteps of dawn.
and you kissed the sigh of my soul.

with or without you i am whole,
and you reciprocate it through my mirrors

but i've skipped a stone from this continent to the next.

so please.

ride a white swan unto the footsteps of dawn,
it won't be long, it won't be long...

until you and i are singing that lovely song

remember the words for me, and i'll give you the melody

shoot me with saphire bullets of pure love,
into the stars above, into the stars above.

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