Thursday, December 24, 2009


"your anecdote is quaking...vigorously might i add." she replied, cold as ice.

"your heart is frosty with wit and self reliance, let me warm it." he replied, confident as spice.

"no." she replied, thrice times in unison, faster than a bullet train.

well i guess theres not a honey to be combed, when your home is so shown, to be known and in denial of what could be grown.


Good Nite

never again to the beaten track,
never again to the ghost on the shoulder,
never again to the forgotten days,
never again to the familiar ways,

we don't need them anymore,
we don't need them anymore,

left sitting on a dirt strewn desert,
water sinking out of stretch with face.
left dying like the human race.


yes, yes, process

do you remember when we knew eachother?
just the other month or another.
another life, another way to live the life.
another half chanced dance of pity and grief.

i puked up carnations for your morning breath.

do you remember faking our lives with eachother?
just the other lunch on the mother.
another strife, another way to cloud my strife.
another semi quasi thought process that left me in abcess.

i thrifted lillies for your living death.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

scene from: "the room inside a thought"

"i'm afraid the paradiddle of the universe, is whether you can flip the polarity within the purse of a thousand gleams." she gleaned gleamily in the direction of opposites, to no one in particular

just then in a crowded partition of the city: "i dreamt tomorrow you had the seams, and sent today the cost of your dreams." he replied in a droll portland grey sort of way.

"thrice thriving the knives in the divination of the dance of kali, if you wish to survive, fall fallingly." a third voice replied without any hesitation to none who could hear and had not any a relation.

in a parallel universe: two diamonds converse.

you see me in your eyes,
now call me so suddenly,
and let heaven run seven,
ten times to hush and see.

her eye doth drip a galaxy...

Monday, December 21, 2009

What is and What Should Never Be...

A question of wow,
and wee.

Of, thou
and thee.

And it doesn't take a monk,
to ask if
can see.

So why bother your heart with glee?

its just a lesstown to gather free. this society.

I give it back

I give it back to the depths of your reason.
I give it back to the roots of your trees.
I give it back to the hell you froze over.
I give you back all the memories.

you were just a thorn
without a rose.