Sunday, September 26, 2010

Of Tits and Tots.

Yeah, I've been a real diamond of a question lately.
A nice psychedelic question mark glimmering with hopes and dreams.

How are You?

I don't really care.

But I'm going to ask it anyway.

Trying to kick start a heart that's been torn apart, is like trying to pinpoint the blue that i see inside of you.

Its not that its broken, its just been realized, to be falsified.

In the 21st century, you will be spoon fed a huge bitefull of hollywood love story; where the guy meets girl, they fall in love....blah blah blah. let me guess, it was destiny. let me guess you got

here comes the choo choo train!

i have found a quiet solitude within my own being.

its soft and gentle like an early morning mountain mist.
lusicious and green like everything in my dreams.
teaming through the seams, with unwanton desire to set all my expectations and presumptions on fire.

I met you and I fell in Love.

And now you cut the tips off the fingers of the glove.

Staring me down, while I pick and choose
which tulips, to kiss and lose.

Yes. I do believe I blew out my mind, you wouldn't happen to have a spare?

I sit on the side of the road, a sheepish grin on my face.
Staring quiet with the toad, i have already won the race.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do not tread lightly.

Come stomping around,

you're no dancer.

And maybe the air you breath out is cancer.

Save your breath.

Don't cause another death.

Is that what you feed upon?

Dining on the misfortune of others?

I tried to give you the moon.
Roped and lassoed, with a bow on top.
Glittering and shiny.

You wanted the sun.

I grabbed its hot coals,
burning my hands,
melting my flesh.

Presented you with the sun,
you said it smelt like burnt flesh.

You wanted Jupiter.

I couldn't give you what you wanted.
You know this.
Cause your still crying for Jupiter.

I died.
a slow painful emotional wreck.
found phoenix tears on my cheeks.

and on the morning of my resurrection,
i found you on my doorstep.

weeping for the death of our friendship.

i thought you were true.

you were weeping for the loss of a possession.

all i was, was a toy.

just a toy belonging to a child.

Monday, February 15, 2010

open up to the saphire bullets

i closed my mind
i closed the world out.

i opened the door and found a flood with its words stout.

the constant tick and tock of clocks just beating at the heart of my disappearance.

i defected.

and found myself lost at the pier.

i rejected.

and bound myself accosted by the seer.


the river runs through it.

and now runs through me.

still flowing, it reaches you,
and kisses softly away the blue

i walked upon the footsteps of dawn.
and you kissed the sigh of my soul.

with or without you i am whole,
and you reciprocate it through my mirrors

but i've skipped a stone from this continent to the next.

so please.

ride a white swan unto the footsteps of dawn,
it won't be long, it won't be long...

until you and i are singing that lovely song

remember the words for me, and i'll give you the melody

shoot me with saphire bullets of pure love,
into the stars above, into the stars above.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The clouds come in and harken

the thoughts

to which

of mine

the lotus in the sky
doesn't wonder why

all things must grow

and all things must die

Thursday, December 24, 2009


"your anecdote is quaking...vigorously might i add." she replied, cold as ice.

"your heart is frosty with wit and self reliance, let me warm it." he replied, confident as spice.

"no." she replied, thrice times in unison, faster than a bullet train.

well i guess theres not a honey to be combed, when your home is so shown, to be known and in denial of what could be grown.


Good Nite

never again to the beaten track,
never again to the ghost on the shoulder,
never again to the forgotten days,
never again to the familiar ways,

we don't need them anymore,
we don't need them anymore,

left sitting on a dirt strewn desert,
water sinking out of stretch with face.
left dying like the human race.


yes, yes, process

do you remember when we knew eachother?
just the other month or another.
another life, another way to live the life.
another half chanced dance of pity and grief.

i puked up carnations for your morning breath.

do you remember faking our lives with eachother?
just the other lunch on the mother.
another strife, another way to cloud my strife.
another semi quasi thought process that left me in abcess.

i thrifted lillies for your living death.