Tuesday, December 22, 2009

scene from: "the room inside a thought"

"i'm afraid the paradiddle of the universe, is whether you can flip the polarity within the purse of a thousand gleams." she gleaned gleamily in the direction of opposites, to no one in particular

just then in a crowded partition of the city: "i dreamt tomorrow you had the seams, and sent today the cost of your dreams." he replied in a droll portland grey sort of way.

"thrice thriving the knives in the divination of the dance of kali, if you wish to survive, fall fallingly." a third voice replied without any hesitation to none who could hear and had not any a relation.

in a parallel universe: two diamonds converse.

you see me in your eyes,
now call me so suddenly,
and let heaven run seven,
ten times to hush and see.

her eye doth drip a galaxy...

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